2012 m. spalio 26 d., penktadienis

days go by

your smell is beneath my skin. the outside might be cold, but...inside. inside, is the place, where you stay. the place, witch you will never leave. stay. we all need a person to stay. but..whats the meaning, of loving a person, who thinks so little of you? whats the meaning to stay with him? sometimes you have to move on. sometimes you have to leave everything. you have to concentrate on your own. to stay for yourself. sometimes.. people go away, and never come back. but we don't act like that with people we love. because people do matter. you don't just walk away from people. you can't throw people away.

look who's back

oho. netikėtai, kažin ko ieškodama senuose užrašuose atradau, jog ir aš turiu blogą...! ne, išties tai keista, nes nepamenu tikslios dienos, kada jį kūriausi. kodėl, kas mane paskatino, kam man to reikėjo. tiesiog.
ištryniau visus ankstesnius pranešimus, nes jie nieko verti. pasilikau tik vieną, kuris primintų, nuo ko pradėjau.

vakarui, šis tas iš vasaros:
i don't know why, but now everything looks like a dream. it seems, that when i'm going to open my eyes, everything's going to dissappear. and... my problems is, that it doesn't scare me. i mean... i'm supposed to be scared because everything i have now, everything i know, is going to dissappear and.... i can't believe it. i DON'T WANT to believe.
sometimes, i feel, that it would be waaay be
tter, to skip this part of my life, when everything is so fucked up. because, if i can't change anything...why i'm still here?
i want to change something. change something tiny, and maybe that thing could change somebody's life. make someone feel better than he feels now.
and, once again. it's like a dream. today, i don't feel nothing. tomorrow - ....
i don't know, what i'm going to feel tomorrow. and, that's kinda freak me out.